Emergency Notification Cell Phone Registry in Weber County.

By registering, you acknowledge that any service costs from your cell phone provider for notifications are your responsibility.

This program is sponsored by all city and county municipalities in Weber County and is to be used by all residents living within Weber County. Register phone numbers (up to six) and email addresses (up to two). Registration allows emergency officials to notify citizens and businesses of emergency situations including possible flooding, Amber Alerts, weather dangers, evacuation notices, and other emergency events on your cell phone.

Recorded voice messages will be sent to cell phones and additional land lines that you register, and written messages will be sent to email and text devices. The system is designed to make multiple attempts to connect with lines that are not answered or ring busy. The system is tied to your home address, not the physical location of your cell phone. This means once you register, you will receive notifications related to your neighborhood regardless of where you are.

Problems Registering?

To register for emergency alerts, enter your house number with or without the first letter of the directional part of your address (example: 1234 N or just 1234 without the N). The system will find any matching addresses in the 911 database. If you are unable to find your home address or to login, it may be because the previous homeowners failed to delete their information or that our database is not up to date. If your address does not appear in the options, please contact Weber County Emergency Management at 801-778-6682 for assistance. Enter a password of your choosing, and hit submit.

Please remember your password and keep your profile current. When you change phone numbers, or get a new email address, you must update your account in order to receive emergency information. If you move, be sure to delete your information so the new resident can register for alerts at that home address and you can then reregister with your new address.

Registering on this site does not guarantee you will be notified. Our alert system is effective and efficient but you should NOT rely on it exclusively. There is no substitute for personal preparation. In a disaster, government and other agencies may not be able to reach you and meet your needs. This system supplements other emergency communication methods including; television, radio, websites, and other media. It is important for all residents to make individual plans and preparations for their care and safety during unexpected emergencies.

We can NOT guarantee that notifications will be sent to, or be received by, the intended recipient(s). You should not wait for or rely exclusively on a mass notification system call for evacuation direction if you think you are in immediate danger.